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Getting a Chrysler Town&Country van

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I looked at a 2003 Town&Country LXI with awd last weekend, made a deal and will pick it up this weekend. Very comfortable van with every luxury option you could think of. Very different from the Astro. I like the high seating in the Astro, in the T&C you sit alot lower. Also the stereo and hvac controls seem to be mounted alot lower than in the Astro making them harder to operate while driving. It is alot harder to back up also. very small, car size side mirrors, and not as good of a veiw out the rear windows for backing. Ride is alot smoother and quieter than the Astro, though. :feedback:
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I know lost of people that love them and have a couple friends that currently own them. They don't seem to be able to take as much abuse as our M-Van twins though, but that's a given with its auto based roots.
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