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hi, im a newbie to v8 swaps, my old 91 AWD astro is rusted up, so got my self a cheap RWD astro from 95 whit a dead engine.
i now want to put a 5,7l v8 in it that i have in my garage, but since the 95 is whit vortek engine i will need to do some wiring swap too.

Now to the questions :)

what shall i do whit injection/wireing? - i have tbi from my old astro, so whit wires and a v8 chip and injectores it could be a complete system. OR.. i also have a complete tpi (speed density) system in my garage, whit box and wires from a firebird.. - What would you adwise me to build in?

Next question is the transmission.. as far as i can see from my haynes book, the 95 runs another gearbox (4l60E?), than the older astros, from wiring diagrams i can only see one difference, and that is that there is one more solenoid in the gearbox called "TCC PWM SOL." but on the ecm boxes from tbi and tpi there is not a wire for this, so can i run this gearbox whit the tbi or tpi? or some other way to control this solenoid? - and what does this solenoid do?

Hope somebody can help whit this :)

best regards, from a danish astro owner.
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