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got any Cargo Van photos?

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I dont have a Cargo yet but would like to see some of these with no windows from different angles and such.

anyone care to share? thanks
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you have a project! but its a short one, thats cool! what are your plans?

I want to make one retro 70's style van out of one someday. I had a '66 split window, "cargo transporter" VWBus I regret selling years ago. I'd really like to find an early mid-engined chevy cargo van (not corvair) but AstroSafari is next on the list.
cool, yeah my VW was the most exciting 4 wheeled vehicle Ive ever owned! and Im a road racer LOL

sounds like you would dig a corroners van or a hearst for daily driving HAhaha (whatsupwiththat?)

good luck with the cargo, thanks for posting.
OK its Hearse not Hearst, and thanks for not correcting me

well 80s Buicks were extream HotRods I spent time on the factory R&D team in the late 80s early 90s lots of storys.. and World Records! Hot rods indeed!

anyway.. forgot to suggest that instead of rebuilding the altenator and starter just get new lifetime waranteed ones if its a keeper. Im rolling on my 5th set of life time brake pads from pepboys and only had to purchase the first set. keep recipts.

so.. stupid question... what color will it be?

friend of mine has an all white econoline cargo van with ACME on the side (like in road runner cartoons)
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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