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got any Cargo Van photos?

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I dont have a Cargo yet but would like to see some of these with no windows from different angles and such.

anyone care to share? thanks
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here's the one i'm working on these are after it was lowered 4" all around but without the engine in it...if i find no window back doors, i'll probably add them...

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it's actually closer to being on the road than those pics let on...i have tons of new/new-to-me parts to put on, but i work 2 jobs and repair computers on the sides/evenings so finding time to put them on is tough...right now the replacement 4.3 is in, going to get the starter and alternator rebuilt before putting them back on...have to do the rear brakes and it should be roadworthy then...

plans include: fe-2 steering box, phantom grille with blacked out signals, window-less rear doors, some kind of custom cluster, going to put bedliner down on the entire floor then dynamat the inside, some kind of custom interior, some kind of stereo with coffin shaped speaker boxes, some kind of paint job...a lot is still up in the air plan-wise, i'll know it when it comes to me, but it'll be a nice daily-driver, and that's really all i wanted...

before i found this astro, i was wanting an early 60's econoline no-window van...but i was toying with the idea of a vw beetle or bus as well, i'd seen a split window cargo on airbags with porsche alloys and thought that was the coolest vw van i've ever seen...but my van was free, and no side windows so i couldn't pass it up...
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sounds like you would dig a corroners van or a hearst for daily driving HAhaha (whatsupwiththat?)
had a 1970 pontiac hearse made by superior coach...owned it for 10 years, and just got rid of it last year...know of an early 80's buick hearse that could be had if the price is right, i'm waiting for him to come down a bit, if he does, i'll have another...i'm a goth chick, it's what i do
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there's a guy down the road that rebuilds them real cheap, and they last a while...he's done several starters and alternators on vehicles i've had and never had a problem with them...the last starter i got from the parts store here died after 6 months, so i'll go the rebuild for colors, originally i was thinking black with some airbrushed reapers down the sides, i've thought of several other colors since then (blue,charcoal gray, silver), but i'm not sure what color i'll end up going with...if it's black it will be some time, since there's lots of little dents in it that would have to come out for sure, the white hides them alot...

the acme van sounds cool...just stay away from the rocket powered roller skates...
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