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got my motor hooked up

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ok, motor is in, hooked up. YAY.
Problem: Just spits out all the exhaust ports. Doesn't 'fire up' (keep going) by itself. I dont have my exhaust manifolds on and i dont have a o2 sensor hooked up. Ive been told that could be the problem. ive also been told it could be bad injectors or timing is off. I dont think its the timing. i did it the way a GM tech told me. and it shoots flames out all the exhaust ports....

:feedback: Thanks guys and gals
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The O2 sensor will not make a difference as the truck runs in open loop mode untill it warms up. I would check the timing again and very slowly go over all the connections again to make sure they are correct. Also you did remember to put in the V8 chip right? Do you have a good spray of fuel out of the injectors when cranking the engine over?
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