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granateli anyone?

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i used to be on the old board but have since sold my '97 safari awd-upon looking in my shed i realized i still have a mass air flow for chev/gmc 4.3l (#350116C) for use on my old safari or an astro-if anyone is interested i'd like around 150 dollars plus shipping for it but am open to offers thanks -scott :kungfu:
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email sent,,130 bucks plus shipping?
as far as i know,,tried to send pics but your email wouldn't let me-seemed to give me more power over anything
oops,,forgot about this-still here,,,,
hmmm,,,damn thing keeps reappearing,,maybe its a sign to get another safari van,,,anyone???
damn,,i still see my old van cruising around,,can't afford a new one anyhow right now,,lol
1 - 10 of 15 Posts
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