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Greetings from the Desert of Arizona

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Hi together

I´ve been reading and looking throughout this forum since probably one year now and am very happy that I found you guys.
I have a 94 GMC Safari Van with around 260.000 miles on it and it runs and runs and runs.
Yes, I had to change some parts by my self, as far as I could and had it several times in the shop. But its payed off and its mine !!
When my wife bought it 5 years ago, I thought its the ugliest car i´ve ever seen in my live. but now I love it and probably woun´t
let it go anymore.
Having many and huge plans with it in my mind (but no mony to spend on it right now) I can only repair whats really neccessary to keep it running.
Thats why I am here. My Appreciation to all of you who take the extra time to write everything down and taking pictures to help others.

A few words to me.....
I am original from Germany, moved over to america almost 7 years ago and love it here.
Went back to school at the age of 41 to reach my dream to become a massage therapist.
I am married, have 4 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 10 fishes :D

A few pictures from my car will follow soon, as i only have older ones on my computer.

Take care
See you

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