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...for the second time.

I was a very active member back during the ikonboard days.

The incident happened, I wasn't happy. Took my postings to the other Astro Safari forum and occasionally lurked over here. Seen some topics I thought I could help people with over here so I registered.

I will not discuss the incident, but I will make the request to allow linking to the other forum. Good information Is good information.

My Vans:
Including the two in my signature I've owned six Astros
1986 Astro (Moby) Lost oil pressure ruined engine, traded in site unseen for Red
1994 Astro EXT (Red) RWD, Dutch Doors, Sold with 211K miles after purchasing Blue
1987 Astro (Parts) Free parts van. Spun bearing, ran well enough to get on/off the tow dolly. Y-Pipe and Cat transferred to Red, currently using the drivers side mirror on Green.
2000 Astro AWD (Blue) Many performance upgrades, rear ended and totaled

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Hi ihatemybike

Everyone is welcome here IHMB. :)
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