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had fun yesterday!

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While taking my V8 van over to my dads to find a oil leak that appeared I had mustang 5.0 older one but sounded like it was healthy pull up to me the light turned green we left hard well i beat him by a bumper or two. not bad for a 4x4 w/31's and a 11" lift, then on the way home I decided to visit some friends that were at a car show (the van was a big hit there) as we were all leaving the show I had a couple pull up on me in a honda something or other the guy in the pass seat was admiring the van giving it compliments but the girlin the drivers seat was not liking the van (but thats ok not everyone has to like it) the light turned green she took off hard so naturally I had to show her what an ugly van can do! :layrubber: and did I atleast a car lenth they swithed side (guy & girl) light turn green he tore off like a bat out of hell :layrubber: so i tore into it to also leaving him in a daze got to the next light by two car lengths. all he could do was say i was hogging both lanes thats why he couldnt pass me... I just him whatever excuse that makes him feel better is fine by me but I know his wife just out drove him and the really bad thing is they just got beat twice by an ASTRO van :biglaugh:

Boy its great to have a V8!!!
and the bad part is II still cant find the stupid oil leak...
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chops, if your ever down my way, or im up your way, you have to let me drive this thing! :banana:
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