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I have a 95 astro awd 4.3.(240,xxx) Recently purchased from the original owner. Excellent maint. records were kept on it. Sometimes it takes a few second to start usually after it has been ran and is still warm but will start right away without a doubt when the engine is cold or has cooled off some. I'm thinking egr but want some other opinions before i go get one. It not showing any codes to verify anything. Also not sure of the location. I had a 99 s10 4x4 but it seems to be alittle different set up. Also temp seems to go up high and bounce around alittle but has'nt made it to the red. Might chance thermostat first. I can't see any sign of faulty h2o pump. Also what is the spider? I have seen it mentioned on here but can't seem to find one listed.Maybe i am not looking up the right name. I know mine was changed at 131k but it is written as spider in my records also. Thanks to all who can help. This is my first astro and i love it. I just need alittle guidance.
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