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Hazards, Blinkers, Tail lights.

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I have a 2004 Astro AWD. Lost hazards, blinkers, and tail lights. I checked all fuses and bulbs. Nothing appears to be blown. I was recommended to replace the whole turn signal module so i did. After replacing the module, i still have no hazards and tail lights. Blinkers will only work when hazard button is pressed. I do not hear the blinker relay clicking but the bulbs do flash. Font Gas Brand Signage Carmine
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Check the fuses, bulbs and grounds.
What kind of relay did you install? I don't think a solid state would make a clicking sound the thermal type do, and there is always the possibility the replacement is bad.
Hello I sent back the hazard switch to see if possibly it's faulty. I haven't changed any relays specifically
I do not hear the blinker relay clicking but the bulbs do flash.
I was using your words there. Whatever it was you changed, there is always a possibility of it being faulty.
Um, I'm pretty sure that switch has nothing to do with the tail lights.
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Now that you mention it, I agree.
Which leads back to fuses, bulbs and grounds.
I got the replacement switch again. Still have the same issue in which I only have blinkers if I have the hazards enabled. No hazard lights while enabled

Edit. I don't have brake lights either.
Then that can be ruled out.
If bulbs are all lighting up, they can be ruled out too.
Did you check all grounds?
Are your hazards and signals on the same fuses or separate?
If separate, pull one and try both functions and see what happens.
If not separate, that won't do any good.
You can check each bulb socket with a meter and see if you are getting 12V when that socket is supposed to be.
I suspect either a wire with broken insulation or a bad switch. Hazards are typically not on the same switch as signals, or even in the same area. Seeing as you have no brake lights either, I would pull them first and inspect wiring there.
What about the tail lights?
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