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Head gasket - help needed - plus other questions

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The head gasket has gone on my 93 chevy , i have been told it is going to cost over a thousand pound as in cambridgeshire in the uk , american autobarn in peterborough wants £1600 , eddies in royston says around £1000 maybe more depends if head is cracked or not , does any one know of anyone near st.neots a back yard mechanic or someone who may be able to do it cheaper for me as disabled and don't really have that kind of money just laying around , failing that how hard would it be to sort it , would i have to drop the engine out to get to it and stuff , just wondering if a normal person ind of engine savvy could sort it ?

Also my brakes are away failed mot before gasket went , i have found us automotive in bedford who have what i need except brake pipes say can use copper but size is different , anyone know where i can source the steel pipes or some where that can make correct size ?

Do you guys repair your vans yourself or go to a specialist ?

Where do you source your parts , get your mot done etc , wish i was still in N.ireland as my mechanic was brilliant :banghead:
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Hi cuds

Cudapaul posted this link recently which I had spent many hours looking for before hand. A friend of mine tried this stuff out on a Beemer head gasket and it fixed it.

I'm not to fond of Band Aid repairs, but my friend drove his Beemer for about 2 years after that treatment. He eventually sold the car but swore by the stuff.

Here is another product that comes highly recommended.

If you need to buy some time, on a budget, and have nothing to loose, Maybe have a closer look at the above products.
Hope something here helps.:)
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Let us know how things turn out, thanks.:)
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