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Hello from Southern WV

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Hi everyone. Just got my 94 Astro Conversion Van a couple of weeks ago.

It is a Tiara Motor Coach conversion. Everything in it works perfectly and is in mechanically excellent condition, other than an A/C compressor has never been worked on. The paint and front seats are a bit worn and if I could find a replacement graphics stripe kit I would probably repaint it. If not I will probably just leave it as is and not worry much about the faded paint for now. I got it mainly as a second car to use instead of buying a truck. I never cared much for trucks but vans are cool. So I got this thing for when I need to haul a bunch of people places or using a trailer to haul crap around. The interior is way to nice to put anything in the inside. I am getting right around 20mpg with it as I bought it. I just aired up the tires today to the sidewall max of 35psi and set the timing properly as well as a good tuneup with synthetic oil so I am hoping to get it up to around 25mpg. Electric fans and a belly pan are the only things I can think of right off to improve the mileage so I will do those first. I am sure other ideas will come up as I drive it so I will keep tinkering with it. Mileage is not that important since my main car gets 4x the mileage of this van but it is still nice to not have to put so much gas in it if possible.

So far my interior plans are to wire in a small power inverter I already have (200W continuous) I will mount it in the wall behind the driver and put a normal household outlet on the panel to keep it hidden and nice looking. I also will run a set of A/V wires from the tv down to the same area so I can plug in an xbox or whatever I want to use at the time easily. I will probably hook a deep cycle battery up at some point in the future and a battery isolator to keep it charged. There is tons of room under the floor so mounting the second battery should be pretty easy.

Since I will be using it for hauling a trailer I have already added a pair of transmission coolers to it. I will be beefing up the transmission slightly with the Transgo HD2, new separator plate, 2nd gear corvette servo, and billet 4th gear servo. That should be more than enough to handle the stock engine. I hauled a broke down escort wagon 20 miles today and the back end sagged a bit more than I liked so it looks like I will also be putting on some rear air bags.

:driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving:
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Hi Coyote X
Welcome aboard. Great looking van I must say. If you can get the front end checked for alignment, that would be another area that drops gas mileage when it's out. Full synthetic "may" be a bit to much for an engine that has high miles on it. I developed seal leaks when I went full synthetic. I now run 50/50 in my motor and transmission, no more leaks. Full synthetic in the rear end though (it's been replaced). Take Care. :)
Hi Coyote X
It sounds like you have things in order. Yes I was referring to high mileage motors, 120,000 is just finishing the break in phase if it's maintained properly, and by the sounds of it, it will be. Nothing kills things faster than neglect. Again welcome to the forum. :)
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