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I've just gotten my first van about 3 years ago . Its a 1991 safari , and I LOVE THIS VAN! It has been used for everything from a cheap motel ,to a moving van!!!! I truly do not know how I ever survived without it all those years. I have been to many, many , van partys over the past 20 or so years ,and a great time was had by all !!!!!!!!!!! My first love is my harley, that I have been all over this great country of ours on. A close friend of mine, who has been vanning forever, got me looking at vans, then one day I see this little blue safari on the side of the road FOR SALE ! Its in great shape, its got a 2 inch lift kit,brand new wheels and tires, it was literally screaming my name!! So, here I am ! I really am enjoying this website and look forward to bull*#%@ing with you guys and gals!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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