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HI. I have a 97 safari AWD conversion van 1st owner

I believe the front wheel bearing/ hubs are about done. However im trying to keep cost down and avoid changing wheel hub assembly.

I searched the forum *possibly did it wrong* to find archived info on the hub assembly with no luck.

Pricing: I've found the hub assembly on ebay new with NO warranty for 150 each

local parts stores want 250+

as for the dealer: well i just spent 180 on tuneup parts only cap rotor wires plugs prob 500 each im guessing for the hubs

230k miles
rebuilt tranny
rear bearings / differential already changed

need tips on:

changing o2 sensor since check engine light says so
servicing / maintaining transfer case
flushing coolant system
adding tranny cooler
finding out what this weird road noise and humming is ( probably wheel hubs but not sure)

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The first check for wheel hubs is for play. Jack it up and wiggle the front wheels by hand. If one feels sloppy, change it. There should be no play at all.
If it passes that test, go for a road test on an isolated paved road(if possible). Drive at the speed that the noise is most prominent at.(be careful here)now rock the van by turning the steering wheel slightly from side to side.If the noise dissapears and comes back, it is a front hub noise. To determine the side, remember that front hubs are only noisy under load(99.9% of the time).If it is noisy when turning left, the right side is loaded up and is probably faulty. If noisy when turning right, the left side is loaded, and prob. faulty.
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