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Here is my Backup Camera installation video

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Recently installed backup camera, could be helpful for someone planning to have one. Fairly easy process.
Only hard time is removing the back door panel.

Ask me if you have questions, Thank you,
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This is the most recent backup cam thread I've found. Thanks for the install video.

I grabbed one of these and intend to put it in the formerly-key location like in this other thread

Goal: like dchan51360's


As you can see, there's a clip to keep it in but nothing to align it so it stays right-side-up. The included bracket would be in the way and likely wouldn't keep it from rotating anyhow. I dont want to Guerilla Glue it.

Suggestions? I suppose some kind of clamp which could be screwed or glued to something nearby. What about a thin bead of silicone adhesive to both seal and fix in place? Is that going to last? 3M 5200, perhaps? Dumb question-but I just haven't used these before and dont know what'll last and hold and not make a huge mess.
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I have a 5" GPS nav device with a cam input so I'm going to use that for a monitor if/until I replace the stereo head unit. Since I know that GPS model works with standard cheap cam input (a Magellan RoadMate 5265T) I thought that surely 5+ year old GPS gadgets must be cheap lightly or unused so I could do the same in my Caravan but I didn't find any for what I was willing to pay. Probably just a matter of looking for a while. A wireless cam and out-of-service smartphone for monitor (as well as offline maps) should be good except for getting it to power-on/off with the van accessory power. Maybe there's an app for specifically that.
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