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Wow. Still around after all these years!! yay!!

I haven't been around in a bit but after running my head around various vehicles have come back to deciding eventually to get another Astro or Safari. Ah well. can't kill a good thing!

Same old me, I was TheAnarkist on the old board.

I can understand the changing due to software as I recently did the same with my own Forum as the old board was getting an update and I tried the updated software and it sucked! (NO email notifications of posts!!) Sop, I "jumped ship" and redid the forum. So, yeah, I do understand. Though in my case, I was up 48 hours straight building the new forum and then (probably from lack of sleep) completely WIPED IT OUT!!!! oops.....

My 7 year old is pestering me to use this computer so until I get time to look around a bit at the new site.....

Hi!!!!!! :twisted: :wave:
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