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hesitation when driving

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I have a 1997 Safari van. Love it. It has this annoying "feature" of hesitating in moist conditions. We have done everything we can think of, from full tune-ups (replacing wiring, etc..). Spent many hours and much $. Been seen by at least 3 GM dealerships and the problem still recurs. I have tried gas line anti-freeze which I sometimes think has an effect. My regular dealership says this is a problem identified with this van with no cause or solution yet found. Any suggestions?
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If its hesitating while your getting on the gas (maybe half way or flooring it) then its a leak in the intake after the mass air floor sensor. When i put on my intake i poped out the metal peice that houses the Mass air flow sensor and when i floored it it would shift bad have NO power and would sometimes shift at 6K! so check the rubber tubing that connects to the Mass air flow sensor for leaks. Just a thought
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