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Heyo! Michigander here

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Hey all

I'm new, both here and to the Astro/Safari scene. I normally drive a stick-shift, but I have some complications in my left leg from an accident in October 2007 where a woman in a big SUV ran a red light and hit me on my bicycle. That said, I'm on crutches now and for at least a couple of months while we get the issues resolved. So, I decided to buy something with an automatic transmission in order to be able to drive without swapping cars or spending a ton of cash on a rent-a-car.

My choice? A 1992 GMC Safari XT SLE that I found on Craigslist for $800. Cosmetically, it's in pretty rough shape, with some rust holes on the bottom, a ton of peeled-off paint, and a right-side mirror held on by duct tape. But, I've always had a soft spot for the Astro/Safari twins, and I know the 4.3/4L60 combination to be pretty solid. I've had it about two weeks now, and I've discovered that the last owner apparently didn't really believe in maintenence. Luckily, my roommate is an auto tech student and has both a repair class where they service outside vehicles and a ton of ambition to learn, so for the cost of parts, he's doing a lot of work for me to bring it back up to snuff mechanically. In spite of the issues with it, I'm discovering I do really rather like the thing. Sure, it's slow as hell compared to my Element, and it's not the most pleasing to the eye anymore, but it feels...right, and I'm actually beginning to consider keeping it and making it a project when I'm back on my feet again.

So I thank you for having me. I tend to be a lurker, but I'll be here gleaning all sorts of info and hopefully having a good time! And now, for some clickable pics :)

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Thanks Matrixx. I haven't made any final decisions yet as far as what to do once I'm off crutches and can drive my Element again. Any money I put into it mechanically will actually reward me because I'm not paying labor costs to fix some of the mechanical things (like the tie-rod and starter that are starting to go), it'll make the thing much less likely to leave me stranded, and it'll make it easier if I decide to sell it. But yeah, I'll make a final decision once I'm off crutches and it's not winter in Michigan. :think:

astro355 said:
I am curious about that third pic you posted. How did you take it?
All three photos are from the night I got it. I live in an apartment complex with shares a parking lot with a small business plaza, so there are a lot of exterior lights on the buildings, which is how the exterior photos turned out as well as they did. I used my iPhone, and for the interior dash shot, I just pointed and shot. The light effect is actually just the light streaming in from my building, actually. EDIT-The engine wasn't running, which is why the needles are in wacky spots.

Speaking of which, I actually really like that dash! The blue backlighting is really neat, and I kinda like the quirky nature of it. My only complaint is that at first it seems like the marks for MPH and km/h don't exactly correspond until you figure out how the cutouts are actually meant to be read in relation to the gauge (I drive in Canada enough that I notice these things). Now that I've figured it out (needle actually corresponds to the center of the mark on the gauge, not the end closest to the needle. 25 mph and 40 km/h correspond exactly, as do 75 and 120), it's not bad. :)

And of course, thanks for the welcomes!
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