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Holley RETROBRIGHT LED (lens is thin plastic. I returned them)

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I ordered Holley RETROBRIGHT LED SEALED BEAM 5X7 RECT. $199/each ($223)

I thought I would pay more for the glass lens and no wiring changes. I was wrong.

  • The lens is a thin plastic. I was expecting a glass. This is the first disappointment.
  • At the Holley web, the unit was a direct replacement for the 2003 GMC Safari. They are not. They require wiring changes. I wanted to keep minimum modification to maintain reliability. This is the 2nd disappointment.
Holley's return is slow. They took 2 weeks to reply my email. I am waiting for the refund now.

It looks like glass but, it is a thin plastic.
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It's unfortunate.. these might have been decent otherwise
The plastic lenses on my 2000-LS are DOT approved
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