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Holley RETROBRIGHT LED (lens is thin plastic. I returned them)

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I ordered Holley RETROBRIGHT LED SEALED BEAM 5X7 RECT. $199/each ($223)

I thought I would pay more for the glass lens and no wiring changes. I was wrong.

  • The lens is a thin plastic. I was expecting a glass. This is the first disappointment.
  • At the Holley web, the unit was a direct replacement for the 2003 GMC Safari. They are not. They require wiring changes. I wanted to keep minimum modification to maintain reliability. This is the 2nd disappointment.
Holley's return is slow. They took 2 weeks to reply my email. I am waiting for the refund now.

It looks like glass but, it is a thin plastic.
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LED conversions are great, if they are done correctly. It all depends on the bulbs AND the reflector inside the housing. I have LED bulbs in all my motorcycles and vehicles )except the Astro because it's not running yet ) A good quality LED bulb will put out a better quality light and pattern. I have a set in my low beams on my 96 Silverado with a 4 Hi kit. All 4 lights come on with the hi beam instead of just 2. They are from a company called Diode Direct and are american made and manufactured. Light output and pattern is great and they don't scatter light everywhere. That said, they don't have a single Hi/Lo bulb or I would have a set in my car. ( I have cheap LED bulbs in the car which are okay, but don't put out a ton of light and the Hi beam is useless, but I wanted to try a set ) I have a Cyclops LED in my 07 BMW 1200 GS low beam with similar results. The only issue with the bike is storing the ballast so you can install the cap to keep dirt out of the hosing. That being said, most LED bulbs if purchased for a specific vehicle will just plug into the stock plug. That's been my experience. I saw the Holly lights before, but didn't know how they would work out...especially at that price point. Once I get mine up and running I will see what can be used over the stock sealed beams.
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