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Holley RETROBRIGHT LED (lens is thin plastic. I returned them)

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I ordered Holley RETROBRIGHT LED SEALED BEAM 5X7 RECT. $199/each ($223)

I thought I would pay more for the glass lens and no wiring changes. I was wrong.

  • The lens is a thin plastic. I was expecting a glass. This is the first disappointment.
  • At the Holley web, the unit was a direct replacement for the 2003 GMC Safari. They are not. They require wiring changes. I wanted to keep minimum modification to maintain reliability. This is the 2nd disappointment.
Holley's return is slow. They took 2 weeks to reply my email. I am waiting for the refund now.

It looks like glass but, it is a thin plastic.
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Oh, where to start? O.K., first, the DOT and SAE do not "certify" anything. The way it works, a manufacturer "may" sent their lights in for testing, by them, or a independent lab.Having "DOT" or "SAE" stamped in something means nothing, is not required, and is sometimes used illegally. It is common, and normal, for quality products to be listed as DOT or/and SAE compliant. The FED Gov does set standards, on headlights, in new vehicles. They use SAE, this is for standard dimensions,mounting, connections, etc., and DOT for color of beam, brightness and pattern of beam. Yes, you can replace your lights with brighter, different color, different beam pattern, BUT this is where states and NHTSA come in, and you can be fined.
Yes, a quality LED package is better than halogen sealed beams, but retrofit, where you just put LED bulbs into factory housings, are way way worse, basically junk, a bright scattered beam that blinds oncoming drivers.
Now, for glass. Generally, only cheaper lamps use glass, anymore. It is cheaper and weaker. Polycarbonate is much stronger, and stands up better to impacts. The NHTSA and DOT have been pushing manufacturers for years to remove all glass from headlights, as a safety factor in accidents.
As far as heat, yes, the heat needs to be removed from the LED module/transformer, to make it last. They still generally run cooler than halogen sealed beams. Now this is the problem, there is no heat in the light beams themselves, so the lens runs cold. So much so that Hi end cars came with headlight heaters, because ice builds up on them. This became a obvious issue when snow plow manufacturers switched to LED lights, and they added heaters. It is now to the point if your truck, and most cars, come with factory LED headlights, they already have heaters built in.S0 much for "energy savings".
As far as the connections, yes, there are some odd ball vehicles, but, the OP's van must have the standard H6054 5x7 lamps, and these should plug right in, and be wired correctly, BUT they do sell quick adapters for 10 bucks.
OK, need more coffee----
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