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How do I remove the evaporator core from 97 astro?

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I just registered and I am asking this question for my father. I know nothing about cars... and he knows nothing about computers.

There is a leak in the A/C that when he charges the system with freon, he can hear a hissing noise inside of the black box, so he thinks there is a leak somewhere.
He wants to remove the evaporator, and had me look up online to see if there was any info on how to disassemble the whole system. After a few searches, I couldn't find this info anywhere.

Is there something else he is missing?

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thanks, that was helpful.
I keep telling my dad to get rid of his Astro, but the thing won't die. He figures he won't get any money for it, so its cheaper to put money in tiny repairs. They previously had a 1st gen one which wasn't as reliable, but this one currently has 240k miles and is still running strong.
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