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hey all. My name is Jamie and bought my first used car...actually van. 1994 chevy astro van. I use it for hauling my mountain bikes and my biking buddies around to the local trails.

I paid $1000 for it and it has been the best car i've ever owned. functional, great looking...well not great looking according to my wife, but the van gets the job done.

jamie :mrt:
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i am getting ready to change the engine mounts in the old astro van...anybody have any experience doing this?
well, my brother and i took on the motor mount replacement. if taking twelve or so hours was going well, then it went very well.

This is what the old one looked like

This is what the motor mount is supposed to look like

The mount on the driver side of the van had already been changed by the previous owner...that one was very easy to get to and could have been changed in an hour or so. However, the one on the passenger side was a different story. control arms in the way, engine in the way...pretty much everything you can imagine in the way of getting to this thing and its bolts. but after a couple trips to the auto parts store and tool store for extensions and universal joint for the extension...we got it done!

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