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I need a mechanic somewhere btw Milwaukee & Buffalo

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I'm driving from Milwaukee to upstate NY, and I need someone that can install wires and spark plugs on my 2003 Astro; I can't find anyone that wants to deal with it... Any suggestions?
Thanks much.
I love Astros, this is my 3rd one! Been driving them since 1995, the perfect size workhorse 😎!
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Have your Paypal, checkbook, debit, credit, bribe cash, escort services membership, loan papers, bars of gold n' silver at the Ready.

"This Wing is dedicated to Astro Owner, " jacquesis001 ",
God love him and his $500 carpet sponsorship.
...just kidding, but look here:
Have you thought of checking with High School Shop or Auto Mechanics ?
School Boards / Councils have come off sort of adversarial lately, but they may steer you on this one.
And... if it's "Trans stuff", well then you're good to go, right ?

Some members here may help if the price is right - gift cards, food, drugs, wood, women, dictatorships all seem to be on the table any more.

Call ahead to a stealership - so they can 'set up all their stealer crap'.
And hunt down & update the fake stealer broken parts inventory.

Then there's the Oil Change shops - some will act as though they do it, but him n' haw for hours till they find the 2nd cousin that might try.

Tell them you have the inside cover pulled off already.

Some junk yards can be helpful to whatever - give em' a call - yell FREE BEER a lot. This may work in Canada too.
But you'll have to black face.

Keep us updated when you get out of jail. LOL

Oh, welcome to the "Friendly Forum"
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