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If Its Not One Thing Its Another...

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Hey everyone, hows it been? I havent been on here in a long time. I finally got the ball joints and spindles replaced on my 95 Astro last week. Its been out of commission for a year and its nice to be able to drive it again.

Iam though, facing another problem. This time is electrical, which out of all I dread. Heres whats happening, while Im driving if I use my dome lights or my high beams everything shuts off for a second, including the engine, and the check engine light blinks. When its idling if I do the same stuff it just dies completely and I have to start the van again. It did do this while driving without turning anything on once, but never did it again. Im not sure if its my battery, alt, or something else. Hopefully someone can give me a guesstimation on whats going on. Thanks :confused:

Ryan-LoAstro95 (aka LoSafari89)
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sounds like a short in the main harness
did 95's have a bcm? if so it could be a bad bcm.
check your fuses too. I had my dash light fuse blow and apparently it is the same circuit as the "exciter" line that activates the alternator to charge. so you may just have a fuse blown that seems TOTALLY unrelated to the issue and it may resolve it. I also had mysterious things happen when my trailer wiring harness would randomly short out. could be a number of things. Just do as Gary says and im sure you will find the problem; if not we are all here for ya buddy :)

and gary, is that the right order for the test? when i did it i think it was the test light goes between battery (+) terminal and the vehicles (+) cable? correct me if im wrong. im confused by the way you worded it :(
maybe...long stretch here but definitely possible...alternator and battery going out? has happened to me. does kinda sound like a ground issue though
kinda depends on the car. some have capacitors in line of the circuit to keep the gauge from going nuts with all the power spikes
well, time to start diggin
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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