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I found this on Craigs and picked it up yesterday for $30(slightly used,had been lost in a storage shed)..expected the worst and something cheesy..but what the heck! matches my Astro! I think Pacific Crest(brand) was something Walmart carried years ago..but it is surprisingly well made,something you can't usually find these days with usually frames made of plastic. This is probably as old as the van but looks like new.I have about 10 stitches to redo about 1" long on one seam of one of the upper corners is all,just loose,not free...maybe had been used once or twice..
It's 10'x10 has a door on opposite sides for setting up in front of my side doors just under the edge of my Yakima Slimshady(like 6.5'x6.5'.).or setup right to the van) off the racks..
The support system is 5/8" or 3/4" black painted steel shockcorded 3 section poles(with even chains across the section points) 10'x10' outer corners and about 8"X8' at 6' up..peak goes to 8'.The zippered door is only about 5-6' (I'm 5-7') though.The 6' upper corner height matches the side of the van..This model is called the GRAND SAFARI for you Safari owners out there...The corner pieces are welded with additional small support pieces,lots of velcro ties to the poles,good metal zippers,stakes and ropes that came with it were unused.The top is probably "water resistant"(right now it is wet with a couple bottles of waterproofer for gortex I had..seems to be somewhat resisting an additional coat though) Coated polyester cover with good black bugscreens all around. Made in SriLanka..age unknown.
I recently had picked up a couple 10'x10' tent footprints on close out at REI with a $20 coupon so I got two of those for about $32 with tax(closeout was $25? down from $65),but this in its 39"x8"'diameter long bag will store in the blue van.The others I'll use for overhead tarps or for a footprint inside under the blue canopy.
During the summer I need to attend ukulele meets(I built them for 10 years.. a lot of the people there are playing mine.) and other get togethers..this will work great for use with that 2004 van for that or as a sun/bug-free space while camping.
I googled "Pacific Crest" and got everything(mostly the PCT)..except nothing for this company..more than likely no longer in business.
Years ago in my Ultra lightweight hiking days,I found a Pacific Crest special fanny/full backpack combo pack that weighed only 3/4 pound and I resewed it into a 1lb overnight full pack with lots of additional tie-on cargo straps front and back and its waistbelt with pockets;I still use that a lot,I always was looking for another to redo for the wife but could never find one.
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