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Inductive flameless tool for rusted nuts

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This is a excerpt from a post I made on a non-Astro site of a tool I thought I wanted to share with the community here for removal of rusted nuts.Given the age on many of our Astro vans I thought it might be a good thing to have......

I saw a tool that I was interested in on Motor week.So I asked MDTahoe to ask Pat about it.It is a flameless induction heater that heats frozen nuts red hot to easily remove them.You know the rusted ones that makes a Sat job turn into a Monday night still working on it thing.Well at first MD told me about a pro-series that was way out of reach in pricing.Today much to his credit he gave me a ref link that I wanted to pass onto all of you.Now what this tool is a coil that you place over up to a 1 1/2 nut to heat it up without any flame.Sounds kind of cool and one that no toolbox should be without.Runs on a regular 110 current.I don't have pricing on it yet,but will post that once I call the local dealer.

Now before I post this link,I want to be very clear.This is not a spam posting in anyway.I make nothing from it.Period.I am just posting what I think is a very useful tool that the community here might want.So take a look....... ... =0&prod=11

Kind of cool huh!!. :banana: :banana: :dance:
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That is awesome this is insanely old technology but at the same time never so practical before. post cool stuff like that as much as you want. Who's buying one to see how it works? You could even harden small parts with it probably.
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