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installed hitch and slung full size spare, one Q

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finally installed my hitch!

orig cond.

purchased hitch from squeek daddy

sanded/wire wheel to get all the rust off (almost 3 hours worth), painted w/ rustoleum (sp?) rust converter 2x. then coated in rubberized undercoating 3x. then painted black paint 3x. pulled the orig bracket from the bumper and replaced- no sweat (alot faster than removal off the 92!). whats your thoughts? or does anyone have something to compare with? THANKS!

what i was wondering about...


(see comments attached to photos)

and lastly,


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yup! i was surprised as well. when i dropped the spare tire, it was a "universal" (guessing it could have fit a 4-6 lug combo somehow, it had way more than 6 holes, huh, come to think of it- i never counted em. maybe later) spare under. dry rotted and more rust than paint. had to hammer the 'T' at the end of the wire line to get the rim+T separate (rusted together). the general cond of the winch mech and the fact that mine was coated in axle grease (thanks dad!!) there was no rust on the winch/pully (whatever you call it). so i decided to try it out. cuts a little ground clearance down but is still a few inches above the rear diff gear housing. my only other thought was the weight. there is ~7lb diff maybe, but im not sure from spare to full.
any thoughs on the hitch? 3 bolts suffice, or 4 req? i wish i had the install inst. the label on the hitch was trashed (no model #) is why i ask.
kudos ghostrider, all i need to do is find a welder!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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