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Introduction, High roof camper...

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I've been lurking here for a bit but I think it's time for me to contribute . Our van is a '99 Astro LS highroof. We bought it 10 years ago with very low miles, about 32K if I recall correctly. We wanted a compact camper and this creampuff with a high roof fit the bill perfectly. I'm a professional woodworker/furniture designer and was eager to try my skills on a conversion. Ten years and 42K miles later we still love it and make small improvements/updates every year. Our travels have been mostly in the Southwest deserts, canyons, Nat parks etc. The van has performed flawlessly and never let us down, but as we age we are seeking a bit more room and comfort...regrettably we will be selling her soon. This is not an advert...that may come later in the appropriate section, but I'd like to share what I've done to her to help or perhaps inspire anyone else interested in this platform for a compact and economical camper van.
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Looks great!
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