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Jean Claude Damn Van part 2

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I few years ago I bought a 99 Safari to build out a hauler/camper. DId a lift, tore out the interior, replaced Intake Manifold gasket, etc etc, then some things happened and the van had to sit for months and then I sold it so the wife wouldn't hate me.
For some reason I just did it again. Bought a 96 Safari. 150k, runs well, no rust, and the remodel project part 2 is beginning. Here she is with the guts ripped out.

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One of my first purchases was new leaf springs. The originals are totally flat. I hunted around for a good deal and found the best through Auto Zone, (1195-HD) which had free shipping and combined with an online coupon I found, came to $260. Almost all the others came to over $400.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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