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That is an interesting approach on the core support, I'll be interested in the final outcome.
I installed a Torsen Limited slip in my 05, I don't like the G80 because it is a grenade, it's not a posi or limited slip it is an open diff that when one wheel slips a little flyweight spins and engages a locking mechanism, these parts are small and fragile, when the wheel speed gets too fast before the lock engages it explodes. I have removed the G80's from all my trucks and installed limited slip diffs.

I like the looks of the repair panels from Mill Supply, I used rockers from Ray-Buck on my 98, the passenger side fit OK but the drivers side fit terribly, it was just a piece of sheet metal hand bent in a break and none of the lines matched the factory body lines. I had to hammer the metal flat and re-bend it myself

On the fuel pump ring, the tabs are not strong enough to move the ring, you have to hit the ring on the shoulders with a strong punch of screwdriver just ahead of the lock tabs, working your way around the ring hitting it on opposite sides back and forth like tightening lug nuts. This keeps the ring from binding against the tabs, you will also want to knock it backwards a few times then forward again this will loosen the rust that has built up between the rings. It's the same process as removing a rusted stuck bolt, it'll only move a tiny bit, then you move it back in the opposite direction, back and forth each time a small gain is made until eventually it will come loose...the back and forth motion is important to break up the rust otherwise the rust acts as a wedge between the metal parts and just trying to force it to move will break things...patience is the only thing that beats rust...and Kroil
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