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Just busting to share my good news.

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Wow did I score a great deal!
I found A guy with an 87 5 speed safari for sale as parts. It had a cracked block from no coolant last winter. The guy says he is going out for the day, take what I want for a hundred fifty bucks (Canadian). It was way to far from home to arrange a cheap tow, so I got busy and pulled out the 5 speed, clutch flywheel, starter alternator, driveshaft, steering column, Clutch pedal, master and slave cylinder, and the plumbing conecting them. A couple peices of interior trim. I could have got more but ran out of daylight... Anyways, I smiled all the way home, driving my other 5 speed astro with a loaded down belly full of goodies. ;) Shes always happiest with a good load in her belly.
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doyoulikeithere said:
Here is a few pictures of my chevy astro / GMC safari T5 borg Warner 5 speed GM transmission.
That sure is a great find.Here stateside I have seen J/Y's list on the tranny only for $1,200 to $1,500.Ouch!!!. :eek:
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