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Just Replace Leaky Pump??? or Service Full Power steering System???

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so it's been 4-6 months with this leaky power steering pump...can't really determine if original or replacement....UV really only shows its origin from the back of the pump(running down the reservoir)gonna assume O-rings....not spewing out but it does collect at a center point on lower fan shroud....not constantly dripping or getting everywhere one dirty azz pump tho lmao

i threw blue magic PS stop leak earlier in the month...made it hella full, but did not overflow reservoir....more recently ive opened the hood and fluid has spilled on to the reservoir....idk wtf... i added a little more today since the leak is still active....but im going to assume its getting that time to face that fan clutch nut lmao

i am not paying $210 for some "Chinese ACDELCO booty" matter how OEM Minded i am....
amazon has a REMANNED Cardone Pump W/Reservouir ($60 Drop) Cardone 20-7923 Remanufactured Power Steering Pump with Reservoir : Automotive

was gonna do:
-serpentine belt ACDelco Professional 6K956 Standard V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt : Automotive
-tensioner pulley ACDelco Professional 38103 Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly with Pulley : Automotive
-idler pulley ACDelco Professional 38001 Idler Pulley , Black : Automotive

since im there anyways.....

My question is, if the power steering pump is getting replaced..... is it worth servicing the whole system or just doing a simple pump exchange
(is it worth the extra time & Cost)or does "IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT" applies here

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Yup…. Unless the lines are leaking or show obvious cracks, I would just change the pump.
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