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My original plan was to be driving a new Dodge Minivan right now. Except that I test drove one and was underwhelmed. I do remember looking at the dashboard while I was test driving it and thinking of how much I preferred it over the stupid hockey stick dash in my 89 Astro. However, I've decided to stick with the Astro. The ultimate plan is to go with a custom digital dash, but that's a couple of years away. For right now, I need to get rid of the current instrument cluster as a matter of maintaining my sanity.

I just ordered a 1994 instrument cluster from eBay for $55.00 USD including the shipping. Looks like this:

I also ordered this gauge face replacement: ... 824&sr=1-1

I'll be taking out the filament bulbs and putting in blue LEDs to make the dash look brighter and hipper -- the LEDs are already on their way here. Pics will be posted of the process and the results. This will keep me sane while I ruminate on my future digital dashboard. Sorry for not being able to shut up about that. It's just not possible for me to understate how much I hate looking at the current instrument cluster in my van.


Sean M.

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Your driving a Van that is 20 years old........the instrument cluster could look much worse. The upgrades should be a very nice improvement though. Take some pictures of your little project. :cool:
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