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K & N Air Filter

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Okay........I tried the site search engine and it keeps kicking out the "K & N" portion of my search so I'll just ask.

Has anyone used the stock airbox version of the K & N air filter?

Has anyone done a conversion with a cone type of K & N air filter?

What is the general consensus on the performance of this filter on these v-6 vans?

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I originally bought a stock box K&N for Green ran it for about a year with no problems, cleaned it twice, bit of a pain. Butt meter didn't really notice any performance gains, maybe got an extra MPG. Found out about the Amsoil EA, purchased and installed, no problems. Didn't notice the computer trying to relearn anything.

The K&N is now in Grumpy. I like the K&N, but I like the Amsoil better.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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