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K & N Air Filter

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Okay........I tried the site search engine and it keeps kicking out the "K & N" portion of my search so I'll just ask.

Has anyone used the stock airbox version of the K & N air filter?

Has anyone done a conversion with a cone type of K & N air filter?

What is the general consensus on the performance of this filter on these v-6 vans?

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I ran the K&N cotton filter for the first 100,000 miles. I did not really enjoy cleaning it every 20,000 miles. While waiting for the cleaning solvent to dry, I put the stock paper ACDelco filter back in. Then the van did not run right. I had to disconnect the battery and then watch it stall and sputter while it relearned how to meter fuel. Repeat the same annoying thing two days later when putting the cleaned and re-oiled K&N filter back in. After 100,000 miles I switched to the Amsoil EA filter. It uses nano-fiber technology, the same as their oil filters. Now I just blow the dirt out with low pressure air and put it right back in. Easy!
astroturf said:
Outlaw, I use a Wix paper filter from napa (napa gold). Here is a good read. Hope it helps, Jim
The Amsoil filter in this review is NOT the new Amsoil EA filter. There is no foam. The Amsoil EA filter looks identical to a paper filter and requires no oil.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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