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Labor day weekend I had to change the fuel pump in the Van. After checking the forums here I didn't find it as difficult as some people had mentioned. (Although I didn't have a full tank of gas). I purchased the entire sending unit ($291) at Napa. Again, thanks to the forum because I didn't want to do this twice so I made sure I didn't buy an off brand aftermarket system.

Here's how I did it.

1. Jack the van up. Insert jackstands. Make sure that you get the van as high as you safely can.
2. Once van is up and on jackstands, place jack directly under the fuel tank and jack it up get it snug to the bottom of the tank.
3. Loosen the 4 lines that attach to the sending unit. On top of the tank.
4. Loosen the clamp on the tank side of the hose from where the gas comes from when you're at the gas station.
5. Loosen and remove the 2 bolts on passenger side of van that hold the straps for the gas tank. (You don't need to take all 4 off)
6. Lower the jack slowly. When you get the jack all the way down, pull it out slide the gas tank out from under the van.

Here's where thngs went wrong for me.

I took out the old sending unit installed the new sending unit w/pump. turned it into the locking mechanism on top of the fuel tank reinstalled it. Long story short, I forgot to put the clip ring back in. (holds the sending unit secure) Van ran fine initially, a couple of days later it started to stall out, but it would start back up. Yesterday, 6:30 am went to go to work, it wouldn't start. Dropped the tank again, and that's when I recognized the error of my ways. The sending unit became loose and and became unseated.

Since I'm becoming an expert in fuel tank dropping it didn't take more than an hour to drop the tank, repair the problem, and put the tank back again.

When re-installing tank, empty fuel, lift tank back onto the jack, jack the gas tank back into place. reconnect hoses.

I know this makes me sound like a complete dufus, but if it saves somebody some heartache it's worth it. Again, thanks to everybody who posts threads on this site. I would not have been able to complete the installation without your help.

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Good write-up. I will add a comment that on my 1998 it was easier for me to lower the tank about 4 inches before disconnecting the lines on top. This gave me lots of room the see and reach the stuff.

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Good write up! The more we can learn from each others experiences the better! :rockon:

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i didnt pull my tank to much hassle
i located my tank and cut the floor
bing 1 fuel pump easily accessible
went to my local wreckers and got a bigger piece
of floor and cut it to size put a moulding trim on it
and zeus clipped it to the floor
now i have access in less than two minutes
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