Cleaning out some stuff I don't need - free to whoever wants it, just cover me for shipping. Might be $10, 20, 30 - idk, I feel like it's never what I think I will pay.

It would be grand if I could just put this in a box and send it all to one person.

Anyways, here's what I got:
  • AWD steering shaft - no play, a bit of surface rust
  • AWD steering shaft upper and lower boots - lower has the lock ring thing at the bottom rusted out - could just use a zip tie.
  • Unused vacuum line that runs over the engine
  • Fair condition Leaf spring isolators
  • Fair condition rubber body mounts and bolts
  • 2 unused pinion bearing spacers - crush sleeves
  • 2 new (poly I think), 4 good condition oem exhaust isolators
Anyone want this stuff?