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LeSafari - 1997 AWD Build

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Putting this at the top while I can still edit - a google doc organizing my plans for the van, to grow and evolve over time:

What could be more helpful for organizing my thoughts and plans for this van than a build thread!? And I can share ideas and pictures and stuff too I guess...

Was looking for a work vehicle last spring and realized that if I played my cards right I could get a work van and a camper van in one vehicle. Started looking at what was available and was drawn to the engine reliability (knowing zero about cars in general at that point) of Astro/Safari's. Plus my uncle had previously owned two that went past 250k, and he loved them.

Found one in NH in a sketchy no picture ad and after the owner sent me a picture and I saw that it wasn't a complete POS, I went to check it out. It had a leak underneath, crap tires, and needed new fluids and a wheel bearing, but NO RUST and only 118k so I snagged it for $1000 and drove it home.
2017-06-19 11.25.35.jpg

2017-06-19 11.25.47.jpg

2017-06-19 11.26.02.jpg

2017-06-19 11.25.56.jpg

2017-06-19 11.26.11.jpg
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wow I can't believe all the repairs you tackled on your own!
I've turned wrenches for a lot of years and I'd work next to you any day!

I bet you are pretty successful in all other ares of your life!
Nice van
Hella work! Good job!

When satellite was popular the actuators were often on the surplus market for 29 bux. But that was a while ago.
I would like to see a full pic of your replacement muffler please.
Good going on the rest of it!
I'm impressed!!!
You saved thousands doing it yourself!
And you caught and fixed some tricky problems!
1 - 4 of 253 Posts
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