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Let Vans Unite Us Not Tear Us Apart.

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Hello All,
Let me clear the air about a few things:
  • was purchased with the intent of reinstating an amazing site that changed thousands of lives and helped many people.[/*]
  • I was once a member of AstroSafari back in the Ikonboard days. one6astro was my username and I cared about the community. I offered as much help as I could to as many people as I could.[/*]
  • For years I've watched the struggle with the old Ikonboards and lately the struggle with going back and forth from one forum to another. Astro/Safari owners had no place to call their home and had only to rely on one "back-up" board after another.[/*]
  • I simply saw an opportunity to give back to the community that has helped me so many times and I took it. The means by which to purchase the domains were not readily available. I have a wife and a 1 1/2 year old son named Owen. I attend college and work a full-time job. I am hardly the rich jackass who shelled out money to somehow cause a negative impact on peoples lives.[/*]
  • The old Ikonboard site will be posted up for the purposes of data mining. It will be read-only so everyone can revisit the past and bring it into todays forum.[/*]
  • The site, this domain, this community and its members are NOT MINE. I do not own AstroSafari, the members do. This is "our" site, "our" domain, "our" community and always will be.[/*]
  • I am by no means in charge. This forum belongs to the members and I'll accommodate accordingly as long as it is the general consensus.[/*]

Any of you that have something derogatory to say about these forums or myself please don't be a coward. Post them in this topic and let myself and the rest of the van community know how you feel.
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I'm not an Original either, just over a year ago I found this site while trying to figure out a problem with my trans. The real concern and ideas that were given was something that I couldnt find any where else. People helping people... WOW, what a concept! I this world we have now of me, me , me, I, I, I it is rare to find anyone willing to just help out with ideas or information they have due to experience. Sure, you might be able to find someone out there willing to help, but the catch is... they want something in return, usually money.
And just like any other group of people from different walks of life, different parts of the country, there are going to be disagreements. Disagreements of content, ideas, language and attitude. But this is something we deal with everyday off this site, out in the world we work and live in. I have to deal with different people every day in my line of work. They are all different and have different points of view of what they want and how they think it should be done. And that is fine if you understand what your talking about. Most homeowners dont know squat about maintaining a building, but they think they do. The secret is to try to explain to them in a manner that shows respect. After all, it is their house, not mine. I have done some things to houses that just make want to throw up. Not my idea, I gave them my reason for not doing it, but that is what they want, so...... You dont get mad, you dont get disgusted and you definitely dont let it jeopardize the quality or craftsmanship of what you are doing. This site is no different. Instead in houses, its Astro/Safari's. And you wont find me commenting on something I know nothing about. Pops always said " If you dont know what your talking about.....keep your mouth shut. Mouth shut, eyes and ears open". That has served me well for 45 years. "Treat and talk to others the way you would like to treated and talked to" was Mom's contribution. And if that is for some reason difficult or impossible, just keep your negative ideas and responses to yourself. Simple stuff from our childhood. I find myself biting my tongue at times. And only once have I tried constructive criticism here. And I emphasize "Constructive". It got the response I figured it would, so I wash my hands of it. But you also see the majority of the people on this site going above and beyond the call of duty. The Administrators, Etc... DAMN! you guys do alot of work for free! My eyes roll back in my head when I think about the hours you must have spent on this site maintaining it and keeping it up and running. All for us, the normal everyday Astro owner. Never have I seem any attitude of how important you are or how much you have contributed. Just an honest effort and concern for the site and the members. :ty: :rockon:

May survive until the very last Astro or Safari has gone to the crusher. Which if I have anything to do about it, wont happen for a long time :chevy:
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