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Let Vans Unite Us Not Tear Us Apart.

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Hello All,
Let me clear the air about a few things:
  • was purchased with the intent of reinstating an amazing site that changed thousands of lives and helped many people.[/*]
  • I was once a member of AstroSafari back in the Ikonboard days. one6astro was my username and I cared about the community. I offered as much help as I could to as many people as I could.[/*]
  • For years I've watched the struggle with the old Ikonboards and lately the struggle with going back and forth from one forum to another. Astro/Safari owners had no place to call their home and had only to rely on one "back-up" board after another.[/*]
  • I simply saw an opportunity to give back to the community that has helped me so many times and I took it. The means by which to purchase the domains were not readily available. I have a wife and a 1 1/2 year old son named Owen. I attend college and work a full-time job. I am hardly the rich jackass who shelled out money to somehow cause a negative impact on peoples lives.[/*]
  • The old Ikonboard site will be posted up for the purposes of data mining. It will be read-only so everyone can revisit the past and bring it into todays forum.[/*]
  • The site, this domain, this community and its members are NOT MINE. I do not own AstroSafari, the members do. This is "our" site, "our" domain, "our" community and always will be.[/*]
  • I am by no means in charge. This forum belongs to the members and I'll accommodate accordingly as long as it is the general consensus.[/*]

Any of you that have something derogatory to say about these forums or myself please don't be a coward. Post them in this topic and let myself and the rest of the van community know how you feel.
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Amen, and God Bless Us Every One...
A van march on GM headquarters to bring back the van...
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