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Lock out hubs

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I am planing to build a 4x4 conversion can for mild trail rideing. I want to use the van for road trips out west from Ohio. In order to afford gas I want to get the best has mileage so I was wondering if anyone knows of a s10 hub assembly with manual lockout will work on the Astros frame.
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S-10 is 5 x4.5 whereas the Astro is 5 x5 bolt patterns are different. The only thing different from the front axle on the Astro to the S-10 is the lockout itself. Which as Rod said only frees the wheels in the sense that the hubs are not powered but freewheeling when locked out. The transfer is still sending power to the front axle, just not the front hubs. Very little if any gas mileage saved. People don't buy Astro/Safari vans for gas mileage, they buy them because they are great vans overall.
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