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Lock out hubs

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I am planing to build a 4x4 conversion can for mild trail rideing. I want to use the van for road trips out west from Ohio. In order to afford gas I want to get the best has mileage so I was wondering if anyone knows of a s10 hub assembly with manual lockout will work on the Astros frame.
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I am not knocking the idea of locking hubs. They definitely have their advantages.
But I suspect unless you are also changing to a full manual transfer case, you will not gain anything worthwhile as far as fuel economy, for your efforts. The front drive components will probably still be turning, even with hubs are unlocked. The transfer case will not know the difference, unless it is converted to a full manual case, with a neutral position.

1000 miles at 16 mpg ( being optimistic ) uses about 62 gallons of fuel.
If you managed to increase fuel economy but a whole 1MPG ( highly unlikely) ; then 1000 miles at 17 mpg would use nearly 59 gallons. ( a possible three gallon savings)
If you were increasing from 14mpg to 15 mpg, the numbers are a bit better ( bigger % increase in gain). ( about 71 gallons vs. 67 gallons)
So you 'might' save four gallons over the trip if your economy increased by a whole 1 mpg.
But you are going for mild trail riding, so probably somewhat 'lumpy' tires. That also would hurt fuel economy to some extent.
Also, beware most ( if not all) S-10 wheels have a different bolt circle. I do not remember ( have not played with one in nearly 40 years) if locking hub assemblies are different for different bolt patterns, but I suspect they would be. I cannot recall what pieces needed to be changed to go to the WARN manual hubs.
Rod J
Issaquah, WA
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