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long trip ahead

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As some of you may know I am moving from NH to California in August and I would really appreciate any advise for such a long trip. Myself and my wife and maybe my stepson (12 years old) will be driving a rented truck from Budget 16 footer
and a trailer to put my 89 Astro on. So if any of you have made long trips like this one please feel free to give us any advice you feel could/would help. Thank you all, Mark
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1.Have a supply of cash.
2.Be sure everything is insured properly.
3.Check all the vehicles not once but twice, everything.
4.Be aware you are driving a truck with a trailer behind it, it is long & tall
5.Credit Cards.
7.Maps & if you can, purchase a AAA travel protection plan
8.Map out your trip
9.If you have a firearm be sure you are legal.
10. See #4
11.Get plenty of rest before you embark
12.Don't push too hard, rest often, don't drive tired
13.Remember when you stop to rest, eat or for the night, you have a long vehicle to park and turn around.
14. Secure your valuables when you stop for the night, there is a lot of trickery out there.
15.Check your vehicles before starting out each morning.
16. Don't let other drivers get under your skin, keep calm and collected.
17. You are going places you may never have been to, be sure you know where you are at all times.
18. While traveling, stay together when you stop, be vigil
19 see #4 20. Eat light, you don't need those problems.
21. I guess that covers some of it but most of all , HAVE A GOOD TRIP :clap:
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