As my 1999 Safari continues to age, I have begun to realize I will eventually need to move on from it, as I do not have the desire to do a lot of wrenching on my vehicles for the sake of doing so.

The Van is an AWD and I will probably continue to drive it and keep it running for a while (like a year or so)

As such, I have accumulated lots of parts for various projects that I am beginning to realize that I will probably never get to.

I will start posting images as I find time, but if you are local (San Francisco) and are interested in some of these parts Please send me a Private message.

Things for sure I'll probably be getting rid of. I still need to determine how much I want for various items but if you want to make an offer, that's OK too. Consider that items like Fenders and Hoods are hard to ship safely. Tires and wheels are heavy and hard to ship as well so local pickup probably best for these items.

Several various headlight housings. Composite type. I have several extras. Several are new/old stock and in perfect condition.. I need to look for them but I think there were some headlight mounting plates as well as some marker light housings. 40.00 Each

A pair of 5x7 headlights (Hella branded housings). They will need new bulbs but the housings are in good shape. They also have been "skinned" with a clear coating to keep them from getting chipped by gravel and road stuff. I recently found these in my piles of stuff. I originally offered them to Astrowill and if he still want's them, he has first priority. They are boxed ready to go. 25.00

Front Fenders (driver and passenger). These are New authentic GM fenders. Black Primered. I started to smooth one to prep for paint and installation but never got to it. 75.00 Each

Used but very straight (few small dings in metal) But it had been sanded to the metal, filled and primed for painting. No hinge hardware. Latch hardware still in place. 50.00

A front grill from a 1999 red Safari. The "Chrome" is starting to peel, and the red metal filler covers are showing a little rust but it's intact. 25.00

Set of 4 wheel rims (stock alloy), with Hankook tires. Lots of tread but will have to check on dates on the sides. I had been swapping them out for summer use only. 200.00 Set

AC Delco O2 sensors "Gold type" heated.. Delco number 213-1453 GM #88929550 (New never installed) I have my hands on 2 of them, I think there's a third somewhere. $50.00 Each

A Drivers side door interior panel. It was listed as new old stock. I believe the color was supposed to be "Light Pewter" but it's the beige/tan color. The arm rest is in "new" condition but I think maybe someone attempted to install it and broke a few of the backing clips off. 100.00

Overhead Console computer 15.00

I'll continue to post as I find items.