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Lower air deflector

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I'm in search of a lower radiator baffle for my 97 Astro AWD. GM part number 15704648. I'm located in Vancouver WA. Any local leads would be greatly appreciated. Photo is for infomercial purposes, mine is much worse:)


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Thanks for the response, every one I've been able to find at the wrecking yard have been in the same or worse shape than mine.
Also, sorry about the description, and the post. I backed out of my browser and didn't expect it to post as I hadn't proof read or made sure the picture attached.
Thank you, I use that site quite often. I actually just got off the phone with a yard in my area and found one. I checked on for core supports and the first local yard I called had the air deflector. Took some explaining as to what and where the part was. Hopefully it's in better condition than the ones I've looked at so far.
Again thanks for the suggestions.
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Nice to see even a first timer here can figure out how to correct both the title AND the post.
🤣🤣 Took me a while as I'm using my cellphone due to the laptop being tied up by my daughter working on her nursing school application.
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