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Lumpy passed

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I see him still mentioned from time to time so I thought the people oughta know
Craig "Lumpy" Lemke passed on in mid-2018
He loved vans and guitar

Some of his music
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Not only does that represent the rest of us to the world, but our failure to police such monstrous behavior also presents us as condoning despicable behavior. I had to ask myself just what kind of a person would post such things about a dead man? Certainly not someone who seems to have the slightest idea of what is and isn't appropriate.

I was happy to send a report and bring it to the attention of the mods. They cannot be everywhere at once, and garbage like that needed to be removed.

EDIT- Upon consideration i also think you will be the first person i put on ignore on this forum in 13 years of membership. I cant think of any benefit to reading any more of your posts.
Thanks for sending the report so that the mods could take care of it, which they obviously did.

Blocking/ignoring is definitely an option, there is only 1 person on here that I have on my block/ignore list and you can probably guess who it is by the fact that if I had seen the posts, it would have been taken care of sooner. I don't condone the behavior, I leave it up to the mods to take care of that particular individual unless I get a report. Obviously Randy got to the report before I did and I support his decisions.

Mark had asked before how to block/ignore, it's quite easy to do, here ya go.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts