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Lumpy passed

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I see him still mentioned from time to time so I thought the people oughta know
Craig "Lumpy" Lemke passed on in mid-2018
He loved vans and guitar

Some of his music
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...cuz you know... I'll be there in a few... and I'm going to be looking FOR YOU!
Yup, and I always gave him a fair shake and props for his glossary of knowledge.
Had to be one of the most strange & unique people I never met... but knew.
Well, now that is strange... there are posts missing here.

Mods know something?
tinworm ( from an EM notification ) said:
Try and be the better person. Unless all this diatribe is in jest, i cannot think of any person i dislike personally in life that would be deserving of this kind of nasty commentary, let alone someone i argued with on the web. Let it go. RIP lumpy.
Well, well, well...
You honestly have no idea how much he harassed me when he was alive.
Randy verified he was an ex cop with issues and one to worry about.
The guy actually said he would kill me if I ever again said anything about drug use...

I guess you noticed my post(s) and now yours disappeared. I couldn't care less.
...never reported the jerk as we were all men back then, I just NEVER commed w/ him again.
Then he posted porn and got banned.

I was explaining to Woodbutcher what happened between us - but all that stuff is gone too.
Never failed to sing his praises or recommend a post of his - his knowledge of stuff knew no bounds.

Then someone started this thread... like he was "Peaceful".

Believe me tinworm, "I let this go" sometime back.
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The post(s) stayed there for months.
And... you were not even around during that time being referred to / in question.

Good mechanic, good guy, Great, but stupid communicator, bummer he died, hope his family is OK, blah, blah.
And a Wonderful Musician - he will be surely missed there...

I stand by my first post deleted - may he not enjoy afterlife as much as the next guy.
And... like I also said, "I'll see him there".

ps: I have been copying ALL my posts / replies / threads to a text file, having done so on this and an RC forum about 10 years ago. I found ref. mat'l. is helpful when searching for solutions.
I was referring to posts in this thread, made back in Nov. '22, just prior to & after Woody & Astro's posts.
I had no posts here since then - till I got a notification that you had posted. I quoted it above.
Your post and mine from 3 mos. ago are gone. Just wanted to clear that up.
I had no posts deleted in the last few days. ( that I know of - admin has been weird here lately )

And his BEEF wasn't with a dead person - it was with a VERY LIVE one.
But I ignored him.

Just like you AND me should have just ignored it... Like you said.

You called me ugly, vindictive and disgraceful.

Your post stays on here... Mine is gone.
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Thank goodness there are only 2 of us.
So... it ends up where there is "just one complainant".

Seems to parallel today's unfair actions against any words or display that the smallest percentage group has an issue with.
I should mention "The Transgender Movement" as an example.

Statues of Jefferson and the like have been removed for the same reason. "He was an affront to my sensibilities".
And while my post did not stay up for decades, it was there for all to see for months. No one had an issue.
At least no one was reporting, as it was my opinion about a person that threatened me.

But... unlike you two, I will read things that I don't like and move on.
I do not ignore them, as I like to read opinions.

No one came to my "rescue" when Craig Lumpy Lemke threatened me twice while still alive in two different threads.
And that was without any provocation from anyone.
No one reported it, we just moved on...

And to this day, I am not really sure why tinworm had such an issue.
Maybe because I did not back down or apologize right away.

Shields UP and Blinders On.
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Dear tinworm,

You really need to "let this go".

ps: as one of our esteemed mods said, "you're not changing anyone's mind".
tinworm said:
...wishing he burns in hell after his death
This is bordering on Harassment - you may move on, but I can not forget.
I have to be totally honest with you, sir. And on 2 things.

I thought I had saved my posts made as we went on. Meaning, no... I cannot remember what I said to the word.
But you are right about me saying what you quoted - originally.
I was only somewhat surprised you repeated it.

Secondly, I ( having not slept well since this has begun - and it has nothing to do with health ) am deeply sorry I differed with you originally. As you pointed out, me being an adult, an older adult and I think of myself as an educated professional old guy, I reacted to you in a most... how can I put this forcefully?... inhuman, stupidly stubborn, unreasonable and highly questionable manner.

I have no, nor make any, "excuses" - bitter animosity is a quality I will NOT revisit.
I also appreciate you trying to 'help' and you did. I could have kept this private, but 'coming forward' makes us both better guys this time.

ps: a cursory look at my build thread or any number of off-topic stuff from me should give me away as someone not afraid to speak up. So much so and not to mention my history of irrational responses to various posters has gotten me a past 2 mo. susp. And then there is - that Will and I do not get along. And Randy being the friend he is, takes things down as he should.
This is my only exposure on the net and I let it get away sometimes - get salty, blah, blah, blah.
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