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Lumpy passed

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I see him still mentioned from time to time so I thought the people oughta know
Craig "Lumpy" Lemke passed on in mid-2018
He loved vans and guitar

Some of his music
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The fact that you do not understand why i had an issue with your original comments is the primary problem.

I will explain it one more time, but essentially its an issue of respect. You are showing respect to those who have died and their families by dropping your grievances and keeping your mouth shut.

Generally even small children understand why we do not speak ill of the dead, heck its a teaching of nearly every religion on the planet. I have to express complete amazement that you Don't understand the concept at your age. Since dead people can no longer defend themselves, or hurt us, it is better to let things go and say nothing bad about them.

This is doubly true of the internet age. At this point most of us have read dozens of RIP threads on many many forums. Your original comments in this thread were the first time I've seen someone so out of personal control that they posted such awful statements on the permanent medium that represents the internet, about a dead man who cannot defend himself, and without even the veil of anonymity, since his full name is in the first post.

That not only shows the world who you are as a person (not a good sign) but also represents the rest of us. This is what your comments left undeleted say to the world- Astro, the home of despicable people who say awful things and get away with it.

Now if this total waste of time explanation fails to enlighten you, Theres not much more that can be said. There is never an excuse to be a horrible person, and your grasping attempts to gather compassion for the things lumpy said to you in life while at the same moment wishing he burns in hell after his death are utterly disgusting. Were your roles reversed i would be saying the same exact thing to him.

Regain control. The ends do not justify the means. Being awful is not justified by the fact that someone was awful to you. Integrity and morality are worth keeping
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Dear tinworm,

You really need to "let this go".

ps: as one of our esteemed mods said, "you're not changing anyone's mind".
Didn't think i would. The greater explanation was a counterpoint worthy of posting only after you (once again) cast yourself as a victim.

Now we can all move on
tinworm said:
...wishing he burns in hell after his death
This is bordering on Harassment - you may move on, but I can not forget.
Im thinking you've totally forgotten your original comments in this thread.
I have to be totally honest with you, sir. And on 2 things.

I thought I had saved my posts made as we went on. Meaning, no... I cannot remember what I said to the word.
But you are right about me saying what you quoted - originally.
I was only somewhat surprised you repeated it.

Secondly, I ( having not slept well since this has begun - and it has nothing to do with health ) am deeply sorry I differed with you originally. As you pointed out, me being an adult, an older adult and I think of myself as an educated professional old guy, I reacted to you in a most... how can I put this forcefully?... inhuman, stupidly stubborn, unreasonable and highly questionable manner.

I have no, nor make any, "excuses" - bitter animosity is a quality I will NOT revisit.
I also appreciate you trying to 'help' and you did. I could have kept this private, but 'coming forward' makes us both better guys this time.

ps: a cursory look at my build thread or any number of off-topic stuff from me should give me away as someone not afraid to speak up. So much so and not to mention my history of irrational responses to various posters has gotten me a past 2 mo. susp. And then there is - that Will and I do not get along. And Randy being the friend he is, takes things down as he should.
This is my only exposure on the net and I let it get away sometimes - get salty, blah, blah, blah.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts